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Written by Snapper Morgan   
Tuesday, 22 March 2005
HappyFish will download your enclosures (podcasts, mp3's, videos, apps, whatever) to your computer while you sleep and sync them to most USB based external storage devices, mp3 players, or iPhone.

Key Features

  • Automatically check your feeds for new enclosurses on the interval of your choice (x number of minutes, hours, or days). Or you can configure by time and day of the week (i.e. every Tues at 3:23AM).
  • Synchronize your device (USB-based mp3 player, SD-Card, CF-Card, etc.) based on the criteria that works best for you. Sync everything in your library if you have a high capacity device. Or for low capacity devices choose files based on which feed they came from, when they were downloaded, or just pick the individual files you want.
  • Support for multiple devices, like used iPhone 5 and used iPhone 5C.
  • Automatically sync your device as soon as you attach it to your computer.
  • Support for iPod syncing through iTunes with direct file sync in the works.
  • Start date option allows you to catalog the enclosures offered from a feed without downloading them when you first subscribe. Then you can choose the file you want without without choaking on hundreds of megabytes to get it.
  • Library view helps you keep your enclosures organized. From it you can quickly see which enclosures you have and get the available enclosures you don't. You can also see the item's description, source url, follow related links, and even open the file.


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